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Labworx Skillet

Labworx Skillet – The labworx Skillet is the answer for patients who lack electricity or want a vaporization technology that can be tailored to your existing glass bong or water pipe. This innovative approach to vaporization allows the user to use a clean manual heat source and allows for vaporization on the go or at home in your cabin. Made specifically for use with medicinal concentrates this might be the best choice if you are medicating with inhaled concentrates.

A great choice for people in the local area who do not have electricity or are living with solar power! And those who need to inhale concentrates to medicate on the go.

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  1. […] your medication.  Donated units include the digital Arizer – Q and the non-electric Labworx-Skillet .  Both of these units are available to try by local medical marijuana patients by contacting the […]

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